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What distinguishes Infinite Foundry from competition?

What distinguishes Infinite Foundry from competition?

Infinite Foundry uses 3D digital twin technology, which means it scans the facility to get a precise 3D model, unlike competition that only collects data from the facility.

From the 3D model it is possible to assist the real time animation of the factory.

Other digital twin companies in the market present the data in a dashboard, which means in a 2D reality and it can be linked with AI technology or not. Unlike competition, Infinite Foundry presents the data in a 3D format with animation of the facility.

This enables to easily understand data coming from factory.

It is particularly helpful for engineers because it is also linked with AI. The factory is monitored all the time. Hence, it warns you if there is a problem in the factory and that problem that can be seen in the 3D real time animation.

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  1. Hi,

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    Considering our strength in Engineering, Manufacturing and Services industry, we are exploring options for partnership for Digital Twin provider in Product, process and Operation Twin area.

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  2. paul morton says:

    who would you say your main competitors are? is there any up and coming companies which might bring risk to yourselves?

    • Infinite Foundry says:

      Hello Paul, thanks for your question! There are many companies selling digital twin software for industry, but they tend to focus on a particular area of the digital twin. The majority are on remote monitoring and virtual training. Less are on planning and simulation. Almost none on real-time calculation for solving operational problems quickly. No-one offers an integrated package fine tuned to the specific need of the customer. That is our differentiation, and the advantage for the customer is that they achieve a higher level of efficiency with our software with less onboarding and integration time if they try to buy several packages from competitors. If you would like to know more about us, we will be happy to talk to you.

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